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How Amazon Will Replace Universities

How do we know what anyone knows? For school admissions, for hiring… An experiment in the second category is well under way in US K12. The Common Core has landed, with children and parents boycotting the tough new exams in...

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Effective Peer Review: Leveraging the Learning Management System

Peer review is a widely accepted practice, particularly in writing classes, from high school through college and graduate school. Unfortunately, peer review is often used as a busy-work activity, or a process that takes advantage of conscientious students while allowing others to do superficial work. For instance, many teachers will hand out a list of peer review questions in class, and then give students 30 minutes to review two papers written by their colleagues.

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Teaching Efficiency…

As teachers, we tend to focus on pedagogy as the great hope for improvement. We spend our professional development and meeting time talking improved syllabi, new theories of learning, better designed assignments, or improved...

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