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It might have been a particularly devious form of procrastination, or an excellent life hack, but I found myself answering a plaintive Quora post, from a medical student begging the world to help him overcome procrastination. Here’s the opening paragraph: I’m a very lazy student and have procrastinated SO much in my life, and I want to stop doing it. I’m currently entering 4th year of medicine, my grades are above average, but I could be much, much better. Tomorrow I have one of my exams, which I will fail because I’ve been avoiding any contact with the book...

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Zenith by Andrew J. McCann   Originally published in Scribner’s Best of the Fiction Workshops 1998, edited by Carol Shields. Please do not reprint or distribute without the express written permission of the author. —             One sandpaper hand squeaks against styrofoam as the other raises a Chesterfield, pinched between thumb and first finger, towards a graying, bristly chin. Second coffee, third cigarette. Their vapors spiral, a double helix in the dim factory bay, then strike a yellow girder cast from a cracked pane set high in the corrugated steel wall, before slipping into final darkness. It is a...

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What’s On The Last Page of Your iDevice?

Chances are you have one iDevice – an iPhone and/or an iPad. Apple has sold $1B of them. What’s on the last page of your iDevice? Probably Apple’s own failed apps: Watch, Maps, Tips, Weather – even Music for many of us. Some of Apple’s apps may be good enough…Reminders, for instance. What does this mean? Do we have to solve everything? To be successful. Obviously...

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Response To The Changes in the SAT

Scott Warnock has a nice survey of the coverage of the SAT in his most recent When Falls the Coliseum article. I’d read the NYT Mag piece he references…and was impressed and hopeful…but hadn’t read much else. His survey is worth a read…although it won’t fill you with excitement for the future. This moment is a compelling bookend…when we were really getting underway with Waypoint the changes to the SAT promised an increasing focus on writing instruction. That didn’t happen, at least as far as I could see…Maybe more test prep / tutoring sorts of writing instruction. But writing...

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