Response To The Changes in the SAT

Written by Andrew M. on . Posted in Challenges to Assessment, Culture, ePortfolios, Higher Education, Politics and Dysfunction, Writing Instruction

Scott Warnock has a nice survey of the coverage of the SAT in his most recent When Falls the Coliseum article.

I’d read the NYT Mag piece he references…and was impressed and hopeful…but hadn’t read much else. His survey is worth a read…although it won’t fill you with excitement for the future.

This moment is a compelling bookend…when we were really getting underway with Waypoint the changes to the SAT promised an increasing focus on writing instruction.

That didn’t happen, at least as far as I could see…Maybe more test prep / tutoring sorts of writing instruction. But writing embedded in the curriculum, authentic writing assignments, continue to depend on the kindness of dedicated teachers. That is, the people who value writing are committed to it, whether Comp instructor, English teacher, or Physics prof.